AEGIS® Certified Installer

VFD-Induced Shaft Currents Can Kill Your Bearings!

VFDs allow large energy savings and precise control. But they also generate electric voltages on motor shafts. These shaft voltages can discharge through the bearings, causing pitting, fluting, and eventual bearing failure.

Protect Motor Bearings with AEGIS®Bearing Protection Rings

Without bearing protection, shaft voltages can cause fluting damage.

By channeling VFD-induced discharges safely to ground, AEGIS Bearing Protection Rings prevent electrical bearing damage. Proven in millions of installations worldwide, they provide unmatched protection of motors and coupled equipment from electrical bearing damage, motor failure, and unplanned downtime.


We Offer Complete Bearing Protection Services

Shaft voltage reading from motor protected with AEGIS Shaft Grounding Ring.

We offer the following services to help prevent electrical bearing damage:
• Diagnosing damaged bearings
• Testing for shaft voltages
• Installation of AEGIS Rings externally or internally
• Protecting your motors with AEGIS Best Practices
• Registration for the AEGIS 2-Year Extended Warranty