Sewell Plastics, Hebron, Ohio
I am writing to express Sewell Plastic’s appreciation of your good service. Under all the circumstances this last weekend, your company helped us avert a major production loss. In fact, the speed with which you completed the repair of our motor enabled us to be back in production much sooner than we thought could be done. Companies with service such as yours are what we rely on to survive in today’s economy. We look forward to doing business with you again. Chris Thompson, (Technical Supervisor)
• Chris Thompson Hebron, OH

Doctors Hospital, Columbus, Ohio
As you are probably aware, the present burden placed upon managerial personnel of any hospital is that of cost-containment through cost effective purchase and utilization. With this thought in mind, I thank you for your work in expediating the drive component of one of our instruments utilized in diagnostic Nuclear Medicine. The prompt repair of this equipment resulted in limited “down time” avoiding unnecessary delay and additional days of hospitalization for patients scheduled for these examinations. Once again, my thanks for your help. Steve Spinosi, (B.S.R.T.Coordinator Section of Nuclear Medicine)
• Steve Spinosi Columbus, Ohio

The City of Newark, Ohio
“Thank-you seems like very little to say after all the help we received from you…Without the tireless efforts and enthusiasm involved, it would have been impossible to restore the city’s Water Pumping Station back to service at such an early time. Again, our sincere thanks for your help.” John P. Kinder (Superintendent, Waste and Wastewater Department)
• John P. Kinder Newark, OH

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your highly skilled team for the fast response to Emergency calls at Physics Research Bldg., Fisher Hall , Central Classroom, and many others over the past year or so, as you know the breakdowns that occur here are critical and vital to The Ohio State Universities, Faculty, Staff and Students, your team has not only responded to calls during regular business hours, but at all hours of the day and night, and able to get the breakdowns fixed fast so the equipment is back up and running in a short period of time. We here in the North Shop Thank You for a job well done.” Thanks, John Keller (Facilities Operations and Development Supervisor, Maintenance)
• John Keller Columbus, OH